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 Post subject: Purpose of Our Forum
PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:11 pm 
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Peace to you all!

I thought I would write a little bit about what this forum is all about. I did not do that when we opened (or I have forgotten having done so), and I thought it might be helpful to new joiners, as well as a good reminder for the rest of us who have been here from the start. We began this board so that those who wished to share their faith in the Spirit of Christ might feel safe enough to do so... free from attack... so that we might build one another UP, in Christ.

Lets start with our name, and there are two aspects to our name:

1) xjwsforChrist

Not all, but most of us here have the identifier of being an ex-jehovahs witness, so the first part of this name - xjws - identifies who we might be now as well as who it is that we left. But the most important part of our name is the 'for Christ' aspect.

For Christ... is who we are NOW.

So this forum is for xjws (but also anyone else, no matter your background)... who are FOR Christ.

That does not mean that atheists, agnostics, buddhists, Muslims, etc... or even current jw's are not welcome to join and participate and ask questions as to what we are about, and speak of their own stories and experiences (and expect to be questioned as well). All are welcome to join and to post, in accordance with the rules. I am just outlining what this forum was created to be about.

2) Non- Religious Christian Spirituality

Non-religious: This forum is not meant to promote religion of any sort. To clear up any confusion, we are speaking of organized religion when we say religion. However, any religion can certainly be discussed... as we do have a section called faith/religon/bible for anything on those topics... and anyone who has ties or membership in any religion is welcome to be here and share their faith in Christ also. Some of our members are in various denominations and some have rejected organized religion altogether.

Christian Spirituality: Faith in the Spirit of Christ.

Faith in Christ... not in religion.


So we can certainly get quite a wide variety of people on this forum, with different backgrounds, including those who have left other religions besides the WTS. This is bound to cause some to clash, and even have quite heated disagreements. Hopefully, during our disagreements, we can remember that we are FOR Christ. That we are also called to love one another... and that not all questions or challenges are meant to be taken personally, but just to hold all up to the Truth and the Light... who is Christ.

As you peruse our topic headings, you will find a description under each that will give you an idea of what you should expect in each section. These descriptions also give a good feel for the nature of this forum.

Walking by Faith is a place where members may share what they have heard in spirit, from our Lord. if you peruse that section, this is what you should find. It is perhaps the most spiritual section of the board... though often faith is shared in the faith/religion/bible section as well.

Since we are an xjw board, there is a section to discuss matters related specifically to the jw religion. But again, in faith/religion/bible... ANY matters on these topics may be discussed.

We have plenty of 'for fun' sections also, including a language section that has a great introductory started for Spanish.

We also have a short list of rules, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2 that each member should familiarize themselves with once joined.

So that is what we are about. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them, or ask for help from our moderators/admin:

Outlaw - our gun-toting sheriff; here to keep this place safe; also keeps us grinning!

tec, the admin... (tec are my initials btw... and not a representation of any "superior" tech abilities!)

Aguest is a co-owner and founder of this board, although she chooses not to moderate unless absolutely needed.

So... I think that is all for now. I hope that I have not forgotten anything. And if you have found your way here, then WELCOME!!!

Peace to you again!

Your sister and servant in Christ,


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