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PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:11 pm 
In my study of world religion I have noticed that the authors of the holy texts have a tendency to lose credit of their own works. If Scripture is indeed consequential for the progression of mankind then enemies of progression would also be enemies of Scripture. Therefore it can be concluded that an identifying marker of Scripture would be it's own demise.

What happens is that the religious work is created and then disassembled by the proceeding generations. However, can the shattered pieces be reassembled, and if so what methodologies should be used? The issue in the beginning is determining the best possible source for the material even though the evidence is lying is pieces. Does the religion just collapse along with their lost holy documents? Many do, but the strong ones survive and understand that Scripture is meant to die and then be resurrected by a future generation. Only through this process can the Scripture, and it's writers, become all that it can be.

A good way to resurrect Scripture is to find out how it died in the first place. Just as if you stumbled onto a murder scene several hours after it took place. If you saw bullet holes you would know the death was from gun shots. The more you know about how the person was murdered, the more you know about who may have committed it.

A classic way of dealing with "dead" Scripture is to assign it a replacement author. Because the process of Scripture is so complex and spans across so many generations it's at times prudent to construct an encapsulating mythological figure. A prime example would be the author of the I CHING: Fu Xi. The Chinese admit that it's a mythological figure, but they also insist that he was the author of the I CHING. The figure is also credited with the invention of the writing technology itself. Mythological figures are not meant to be taken 100% literally, but they also not to be taken 100% fictionally.

The same rules apply to the Torah and it's writer: Moses. Moses is a mythological person and is used to encapsulate the entirety of not only the Torah, but the entire Hebrew nation which includes hundreds of years of oral law. Who he really was is but a drop in the ocean compared to the mythological figure who is the true author of the Torah. What Moses did in his real life, however, did earn him the title. Exactly what that was we may never know, all we are left with is the decision and the tales.

This was known to the ancients who were supposed to be safeguarding these timeless truths. Instead, the prevailing powers of the day warped them for their own purposes. They never acknowledged any authority but their own and any who stood against them had their entire family's tortured and killed. People learned to not stand up to tyranny. Love was used against them.

Of all the warping of the Scriptures the insistence of a literal understanding of mythological authors is among the most destructive. To insist that the author of the Torah was a single, living breathing man named Moses is a diabolical lie created by vicious people who sought to enslave, oppress and destroy. And that's exactly what they did.

The figurative and symbolic language of the Torah never made it very far in the world of the men who wrote them. There are deep truths encased in the proper interpretation of Scripture, which is why there is such a strong force in this world against it. Those who seek to hinder the progress of mankind do their best fight against deep truths. Truth is world breaking when the world is one of lies.

What we now know about the human brain and how it interacts with others exposes the literal interpretation of Genesis for what it is. A weapon of mass destruction directed at the human family. Making the claim that Adam was a real historical character is to say that women are nothing but the bone of a man. After the beauty of the Torah was stolen, what proceeded was a destruction of the human rights of women, which is what the Torah prophecies. Women didn't receive basic dignity because they were considered the property of a man, just as if she were a bone inside his body. A raw symbolic interpretation shows nothing of the sort. The rib cage guards the heart just as a woman guards the heart of her husband. A beautiful sentiment that pays homage to sanctity of intimate human relationships.

The literal interpretation of the Torah has always been a scourge on the world of men. Galileo was dishonored after he died by the Catholic Church because they labeled him as "vehement suspicion of heresy." If the Church had the correct interpretation at the time they could have joined hands with Galileo, but instead they considered him a high foe and fought him fiercely and mankind suffered for it. If they would have merely admitted that their holy documents were mythology like everybody else, again, they could have enjoyed peace instead of endured war. Yet, they stubbornly held onto the methods of controlling the masses with fear, shame and guilt even though their books had nothing of the sort within them. Original Sin provided the perfect means of totalitarian control, even into the modern day.

It's been so long and so many people have died horribly. We, as a species, desperately need to wake up and see the true cause and effects of our historical bloodbath. Our wise people have always sat back quietly and did the best they could to record the deep truths for the benefit of future generations (2 Timothy 3:16). Unfortunately for us all, enemies of progress are also enemies of Scripture.


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