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 Post subject: Book of John and 1 John
PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:20 am 
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It's 4:33am ...So.... uh...I should....again be studying, but....i didn't. Stupid Chemistry. Instead I went through the book of John and 1 john (1 john by mistake to be honest) and high lighted everything Christ said as a 'command' or something worth noting as far as a result of being a disciple of christ. Personally I did it so I can become more familiarized with the instructions and start implementing them. But I thought, well, if anyone else might benefit of this on here, might as well.. So here's the thing. Either its instruction, promise (not all promises) or the opposite of not doing a command from Christ that highlighted. Although I put in the 'Cast your net for fish and you will find' was put in there, well although not really pertaining to a command given to us, in some way I realized that 'casting' means (source google: define cast):

1. throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction. (((like a prayer,motive,intention maybe)))
"lemmings cast themselves off the cliff"
synonyms: throw, toss, fling, pitch, hurl, lob; informalchuck

cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface.

(metal or other material) by pouring it into a mold while molten.

Now...obviously it's a little stretch here, but either way, this did come to mind. because after that Christ says 'you will find.'

Anyway, I used the Emphatic Diaglott so the wording is a bit different. I did this intentionally so I could get a better understanding of any 'command/instructions' more accurately. Also, I tried to phrase the wording in bold so as to be able to read it quickly if thats all you can do due to time or whatever. But the interesting thing is how many times in 1 John it says 'abide IN you' vs WITH you. Again I also included things Christ said he was doing that we ought to do.

Dude, this took FOREVER to do...so...BEST RECOGNIZE!

• John 3:18 He believing into him, not is judged; he but not believing, already is judged, became not he has believed into the name of the only-begotten son of the God.
• John 3:21
He but doing the truth
comes to the light, so that may be made manifest of him the works, that in God it is having been done.
• John 3:36 He believing into the son, has life age-lasting; he but disobeying the son, not shall see life, but the anger of the God abides on him.
• John 5:23 so that all may honor the son, even as they honor the Father. He not honoring the son, not honors the Father, that having sent him.
• John 5:24 Indeed indeed I say to you, that he the word of me hearing, and believing, the having sent me has life age-lasting, and into judgment not comes, but has passed out of the death into the life.
• John 5:30 Not am able I to do of myself nothing. Even as I hear, I judge, and the judgment the mine just is; that not I seek the will the mine, but the will of the sending me.
• John 6:12 When and they were filled, he says to the disciples of himself: Collect the remaining fragments, so that not any may be lost. (be appreciative of what God provides?)
• John 6:27 Work you not the food that perishing, but the food that abiding into life age-lasting, which the son of the man to you will give; him for the Father sealed the God
• John 6:29 Answered the Jesus and said to them: This is the work of the God, that you may believe into whom sent he.
• John 6:38 because I have come down from heaven, not that I may do the will the mine, but the will of having sent me.
• John 6:40 This for is the will of the having sent me, that all who seeing the son, and believing into him, may have life age-lasting; and will raise him I in the last day.
• John 6:53 Said them to them the Jesus: Indeed indeed I say to you, if not you may eat the flesh of the son of the man, and you may drink of him the blood, not have life in yourselves.
• John 7:18 He from himself speaking, the glory the own seeks; he but seeking the glory of the sending him, this true is, and unrighteousness in him not is.
• John 7:37 In and the last day the great of the feast stood the Jesus, and cried, saying: If any one may thirst, let him come to me, and let him drink.
• John 7:38 He believing into me, as said the scripture, rivers out of the belly of him shall flow of water living
• John 8:7 When but they continued asking him, having raised up he said to them: He without sin of you, first the stone on her let him cast.
• John 8:11 She and said: No one, O lord. Said and to her the Jesus: Neither I thee condemn; go, and no longer do thou sin.
• John 8:12 Again therefore the Jesus to them spoke, saying: I am the light of the world; he following me, not not shall walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of the life
• John 8:31 Said then the Jesus to those having believed him Jews: If you may abide in the word the my, truly disciples of me you are,
• John 8:32 and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make free you.
• John 8:42 Said to them the Jesus: If the God a father of you was, you would love me; I for from the God came out and am come; not even for of myself I have come, but he me sent.
• John 8:47 He being from the God, the words of the God hears; through this you not hear, because from the God not you are.
• John 8:51 Indeed indeed I say to you, if any one the word the mine may keep, death not not he may see to the age.
• John 10:2 he but entering through the door, a shepherd is of the sheep.
• John 10:4 And when the own sheep he puts forth, before them he goes; and the sheep him follows, because they know the voice of him.
• John 10:5 A stranger but not not they may follow, but will flee from him; because not they know of the strangers the voice.
• John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which not is of the fold this; also them me it behooves to lead; and the voice of me they will hear, and there will be one flock, one shepherd.
• John 10:27 As I said to you, the sheep the mine the voice of me hears, and I know them, and they follow me;
• John 11:25 Said to her the Jesus: I am the resurrection and the life; he believing into me, even if he may die, he shall live;
• John 11:26 and all the living and believing into me, not not may die into the age. Believestthou this?
• John 11:40 Says to her the Jesus: Not I said to thee, that if thou wouldst believe, thou shalt see the glory of the God?
• John 12:25 He loving the life of himself, shall lose her; and he hating the life of himself in the world this, into life age-lasting shall keep her.
• John 12:26 If me may serve any one, me let him follow; and where am I, there also the servant the mine shall be; if any one me may serve, will honor him the Father.
• John 12:36 While the light you have, believe into the light, that sons of light you may become. These things spoke the Jesus, and going away he was hid from them.
• John 12:44 Jesus and cried and said: He believing into me, not believe into me, but into him having sent me;
• John 12:46 I a light into the world have come, that all the believing into me, in the darkness not may abide
• John 13:14 If then I washed of you the feet, the lord and the teacher, also you are bound of one another to wash the feet.
• John 13:15 An example for I gave to you, that as I did to you, also you should do.
• John 13:17 If these things you know, blessed are you, if you should do them.
• John 13:20 Indeed indeed I say to you: He receiving if any one I may send, me receives; he and me receiving, receives him having sent me.
• John 13:27 And after the little piece, then answered into him the adversary. Says then to him the Jesus: What thou doest, do thou quickly. ((okay so i threw this in there because it says basically to do things quickly, not procrastinate even though he's talking to judas ischariot))
• John 13:34 A commandment new I give to you, that you may love each other; as I loved you, that also you might love each other.
• John 14:1 Not let be troubled of you the heart; believe you into the God, and into me believe you.
• John 14:11 You believe me, because I in the Father, and the Father in me, if but not, on account of the works themselves believe me.
• John 14:12 Indeed indeed I speak to you, he believing into me, the works which I do, also he shall do, and greater of these shall he do; because I to the Father of me am going,
• John 14:15 If you love me, the commandments the mine keep you
• John 14:16 and I will ask the Father, and another helper he will give to you, that he may abide with you into the age; ((((so i threw this in there for any that may 'ask for holy spirit' but feel they have yet to receive or what not. Cause there's a two step process: Ask, and listen to what he said to do before and now))))
• John 14:19 Yet a little, and the world me no more beholds; you but behold me; because I live, also you shall live.
• John 14:21 He having the commandments of me, and keeping them, that is he loving me; he and loving me, shall be loved by the Father of me; and I will love him, and will manifest to him myself.
• John 14:23 Answered Jesus and said to him: If any one love me, the word of me he will keep; and the Father of me will love him; to him we will come, and a dwelling with him we will make
• John 14:26 but the helper, the spirit the holy, which will send the Father in the name of me, that you will teach all things, and will remind you all things which I told you.
• John 14:27 Peace I leave to you, peace the mine I give to you; not as the world gives, I give to you. Not let be troubled of you the heart nor let it be afraid.
• John 14:28 You heard, that I said to you: I am going away, and I am coming to you. If you loved me, you would rejoice, that I am going to the Father; because the Father of me greater of me is.
• John 14:29 And now I have told you before it happens, so that when it happens, you may believe.
• John 15:4 Abide you in me, and I in you. As the branch not is able fruit to bear of itself, if not it may abide in the vine; so neither you, if not in me you abide.
• John 15:5 I am the vine, you the branches. He abiding in me, and I am in him, this bears fruit much; because apart from me not you are able to do nothing.
• John 15:7 If you abide in me and the words of me in you may abide, whatever you may wish you shall ask, and it shall be for you.
• John 15:9 As loved me the Father, and I loved you; abide you in the love the mine.
• John 15:10 If the commandments of me you may keep, you will abide in the love of me; as I the commandments of the Father of me have kept, and abide of him in the love
• John 15:12 This is the commandment the mine, that you love each other, as I loved you
• John 15:13 Greater of this love no one has, that any one the life of himself may lay down in behalf of the friends of himself.
• John 15:14 You friends of me are, if you may do what things I command you.
• John 15:27 Also you and shall testify, because from a beginning with me you are.
• John 16:4 But these things I have spoken to you, that when may come the hour, you may remember them, that I said to you. These things but to you from a beginning not I said, because with you I was.
• John 16:27 himself for the Father loves you, because you me have loved and have believed, that I from the God came out.
• John 16:33 These things I have spoken to you, that in me peace you may have. In the world affliction you have; but be you of good courage, I have overcome the world.
• John 18:11 Said therefore the Jesus to the Peter: Put up the sword into the sheath; the cup which has given to me the Father, not not should I drink it?
• John 18:37 Said then to him the Pilate: Not then a king art thou? Answered the Jesus: Thou sayest; that a king am I. I for this have been born, and for this I have come into the world, that I may testify to the truth. Every one who being of the truth, hears of me the voice.
• John 20:22 And this having said, he breathed on, and says to them: Receive you a spirit holy.
• John 20:23 If of whom you may forgive the sins, they are forgiven them; if of whom you may retain, they have been retained.
• John 20:27 Afterwards he says to the Thomas: Bring the finger of thee here, and see the hands of me, and bring the hand of thee, and put into the side of me; and not be thou unbelieving, but believing.
• John 20:31 These things but have been written, that you may believe, that Jesus is the Anointed, the son of the God, and that believing life you may have in the name of him.
• John 21:6 He and said to them: Cast you into the right parts of the ship the net, and you will find. They cast then, and no longer it to draw were able from the multitude of the fishes.
• John 21:15 When therefore they had breakfasted, says to the Simon Peter the Jesus: Simon of Jona, lovest thou me more of these? He says to him: Yes, O lord, thou knowest, that I dearly love thee. He says to him: Feed the lambs of me.
• John 21:16 He says to him again a second time: Simon of Jona, lovest thou me? He says to him: Yes, O lord, thou knowest, that I dearly love thee. He says to him: Tend thou the sheep of me.
• John 21:17 He says to him the third: Simon of Jona, dearly lovest thou me? Was grieved the Peter, because he said to him the third, Dearly lovest me thou? and he said to him: O lord, thou all things knowest; thou knowest, that i dearly love thee. Says to him the Jesus: Feed the sheep of me.
• John 21:19 This now he said, signifying, by what death he will glorify the God. And this having said, he says to him: Follow me.
• John 21:22 Says to him the Jesus: If him I wish to abide till I come, what to thee? thou follow me.

• 1 John 2:4 The one saying: I have known him, and the commandments of him not keeping, a liar he
is, and in this one the truth not is.
• 1 John 1:9 If we confess the the sins of us, faithful he is and just so that he may forgive to us the
sins, and he may cleanse us from all righteousness.
• 1 John 2:6 The one saying in him to abide, is bound, as he walked, also himself thus to walk
• 1 John 2:9 The one saying in the light to be, and the brother of himself hating, in the darkness he is
till now.
((((forgive not hold onto and hate)))))
• 1 John 2:10 The one loving the brother of himself, in the light abides, and a stumbling-block in him
not is;
• 1 John 2:11 the but one hating the brother of himself, in the darkness is, and in the darkness walks,and not knows where he goes, because the darkness blinded the eyes of him. ((((to see the light, must love, not hate))))
• 1 John 2:15 Not do you love the world, not the things in the world. If any one should love the
world, not is the love of the Father in him;
• 1 John 2:24 You therefore what heard from a beginning, in you let abide; if in you should abide what from a beginning you heard, also you in the son and in the Father will abide.
• 1 John 2:25 And this is the promise, which he promised to us, the life the age-lasting.
• 1 John 2:27 And you the anointing which received from him, in you abides, and not need you have, so that any one may teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and true is, and not is a lie; and as it taught you, do you abide in him
• 1 John 2:28 And how, dear children, do you abide in him; so that when he may appear, we may have boldness, and not we may be put to shame from him, in the presence of him.
• 1 John 3:3 And every one the having the hope this in him, purifies himself, as he pure is.
• 1 John 3:14 We know, that we have passed over from the death into the life, because we love the brethren; the not loving the brother, abides in the death.
• 1 John 3:16 By this we have known the love, because he on behalf of us the life of himself laid down; and we ought on behalf of the brethren the lives to lay down.
• 1 John 3:18 Dear children of me, not we should love in word nor in the tongue, but in work and in truth.
• 1 John 3:23 And this is the commandment of him, that we should believe in the name of the son of him Jesus Anointed, and should love each other, as he gave commandment to us.
• 1 John 3:24 And the one keeping the commandments of him, in him abides, and he in him; and by this we know, that he abides in us, from the spirit, of which to us he gave.
• 1 John 4:7 Beloved ones, we should love each other; because the love of the God is, and every one the loving, by the God has been begotten, and knows the God;
• 1 John 4:11 Beloved ones, if thus the God loved us, also we ought each other to love. God no one at any time has seen.
• 1 John 4:18 Fear not is in the love, but the perfect love outside casts the fear; because the fear a restraint has; the but one fearing not has been perfected in the love.
• 1 John 5:10 The one believing into the son of the God, has the testimony in himself; the not one believing the God, a liar has made him, because not he has believed in the testimony, which has testified the god concerning the son of himself
• 1 John 5:14 And this is the boldness which we have towards him, that if anything we may ask according to the will of him, he hears us;
• 1 John 5:21 Dear children, do you keep yourselves from the idols.
• John 3:15 that every one who believing into him, not may be destroyed, but may have life age-lasting.

"Voices" should be either studying or in bed. .......okay so he didn't say that but...whatever, laters.


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Good stuff, dear brother (and peace to you!). Thank you for sharing... and may your (and anyone else's, including mine) ears be excavated, if need be... so as to hear what the Master says here (and what dear John reiterated) and get the sense of it... as well as when he and his Bride say to you (and anyone else wishing and thirsting):

"COME! TAKE MY ('Life's' - John 14:6) 'water'... the holy spirit of God, the MOST HOLY One of Israel and ALL creation... which is His breath, blood, and seed... all of which beget LIFE to those who receive it... and which is poured out ONLY from the innermost parts of His Son and installed King, the HOLY One of Israel and Holy Spirit, JAHESHUA, the Chosen One of JAH (MischaJAH)... FREE!"

Again, peace to you!

YSSFS of Christ,


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