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Greetings, dear one (and peace to you!). Because I didn't want to hijack your other thread with things related but not necessarily directly, I am also responding in more depth, here, if that's okay:

Genesis 1:1 conveys a WHERE these things took place ("in the ark")... not when. The words "In the beginning" are accurately transliterated as "In the ark (the womb of the Woman) God made..."

This denotes where both, what came to be in the spirit realm (spirit beings, etc.) and what came to be in the physical realm (the physical universe, earth, earthling man)... originated. I realize that the Hebrew words at Genesis 1:1 don't depict this, which is why looking at/to Christ is better for an accurate understanding. I received this truth from him when he explained to me the meaning of John 1:1 ("In the beginning was the Word"...).

There, the Greek words for "In the beginning" are "en arche". One must remember that the original writing by Lazarus ("John") were in Aramaic, a form of Hebrew/Chalean dialect. So, when the words were translated into Greek, they were translated "en arche". However, the original words were "in the ark"... and mistranslated to "en arche." Some take issue with this explanation because the Greek word for "ark" is "kibotos"; however, the scribes didn't GET which "ark" was being referred to; they didn't understand that in addition to the wooden box ark... there was/is a SPIRITUAL "ark"... the womb of the "Woman"... "Sarah". (Galatians 4:24; Revelation 12:1,2). So the understanding is that "en arche" was meant to convey "in the beginning," as "arche" denotes "beginning."

But here is where listening to Christ explain these things. The word "arche" ALSO means:

"1) beginning, origin
2) the person or thing that commences, the first person or thing in a series, the leader
3) that by which anything begins to be, the origin, the active cause
4) the extremity of a thing
a) of the corners of a sail
5) the first place, principality, rule, magistracy
a) of angels and demons"

http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lex ... G746&t=KJV

Thus, when my Lord explained to me the meaning of John 1:1, he said it was speaking of WHERE he was... before he came HERE. He blew MY mind, however, when he said that the same is true for Genesis 1:1... that the reference is the same: WHERE everything was created!

Now, some will say, "Wait a minute, Genesis 1:1 is in HEBREW!" (a thought I had too, at first!). When I asked my Lord about this, though, he reminded me that the "Hebrew" scriptures/books are actually translations... from GREEK (the Septuagint)... BACK to Hebrew... using assistance from other writings (Targums, Samaritan Pentateuch, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.). And that in the undertaking of BOTH... a lot was MIStransliterated (hence, his condemnation of the "works" of the scribes - "Woe, to you... scribes...!"). All of the "help tools" to translate the Hebrew books BACK are themselves mistransliterations. Some aren't even translations but paraphrases and "understandings" of what the Hebrew might have meant. The only way to know for sure what IS being meant, then, would be to go the Source (the One who gave it to those who ORIGINALLY wrote).

"In the beginning" is not a statement of when the physical creation began (i.e., the Big Bang), then, but where... because the physical creation... was still "formLESS" at that point. FORM began on the "third" day... after the Light had been brought forth... and the Most Holy One of Israel caused a "division" between that Light (Day/Christ... the LIFE)... and the Darkness (Night/Destruction... DEATH) which occurred on the "first" day.

Genesis 1:2 is a step backward in time to establish the setting for the first creative day

Yes. Which say came AFTER... on the "third" day.

You can literally grey out the rest of the Bible and Genesis 1:1 will still include it all, it's just "folded up."

I don't disagree with this, as all of this took place "in the ark". We are now physically OUTSIDE of the ark, however, in the "cursed" physical realm. Our task is the RETURN... to get ourselves BACK into the ark, which we can do now by means of a Covenant that grants entry... through Christ, the Cover/Door TO the Ark [of the NEW Covenant]. Because it is from there that those who belong to Christ, the "seed" of the Woman... the "holy" nation of those chosen to rule as kings and priests to God... are BORN. A nation "born" in one day. Not some now, some later. All of us... at once. Before which the Woman "cries out with 'birth pangs'.

That part has been occurring since "birth" of Christ (Revelation 12:5 ), the "Head" of the "christ/chosen child." All creation is awaiting the revealing of the "sons"... the "seed" of the Woman who are "adopted" as sons by means of holy spirit [Revelation 12:17)... which constitute the BODY of the [chosen] "child." Together, these make up ONE child... because, by means of their UNION, they become ONE Body... by means of being of ONE spirit... WITH Christ. Just as God and Christ are one... by means of their union, via holy spirit... these also become one... with God... by means of being one with CHRIST... by means of THEIR union with HIM... by means of holy spirit.

Because that spirit... is God's breath and blood. They become one BLOOD, then, and thus the same "body."

Understanding the "ark" is a HUGE piece of the puzzle to understanding the spirit realm as well as the physical realm... and the origin of the latter. There are various depictions in the Bible as to arks: Noah's huge ark, Moses' tiny ark, the ark of the [Old] Covenant, etc. There is a "ark" of the NEW Covenant, as well... and ALL of these depict the ark... or womb... of the Woman, the free "wife" of God, the spirit realm... "Sarah"... or Jerusalem "ABOVE." "She" who is the true "mother" of Christ (Mary was an earthly surrogate!)...and ALL creation, including the TRUE mother of those who belong to Christ (Galatians 4:26).

I hope this helps and, again, peace to you!

YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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